Rambley rant, don't open 

Anti vaxxers keep telling me how low the death rate is but don't listen when I tell them about my uncle's Long COVID which has decimated his life. His career in the broadcast industry is over, he is on disability, and now has to have chronic health issues for the remainder of his life.

When I ask them "why risk it" I have yet to hear a single answer that wasn't a slimy way of saying "oh shit i didn't think about that".

@cj I can tell a story how for a period of one year I buried 7(!) my close relatives and friends. I had not enough money to order the ceremonies and cremations. and there were no even any covid or other boo. just sometimes people get sick and die. every minute 120 people die. 65 millions per year, in average.
don't look for coincidences and ominous signs where not necessary.
@cj and yes, people still die from cancer, from heart conditions, from different chromic diseases and so on. and having or not having some flu virus does not make these cases "death from covid" as they count. to paranoid is intentionally boosted to shove useless "vaccines" and muzzles to scared masses and make money on them. I'm not scared. no reasons.
@cj yeah, I mean personal experiences are not special and don't mean anything.
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