FYI, the recent call by some folks for Eugen to step down from Mastodon, is an echo of sentiments years ago. Back then, they forked the codebase (Florence: and pursued an open-governance model.

I think Florence has since fizzled out, but it was at least a real and earnest pursuit of a Mastodon fork -- which is the way to turn those sorts of demands into real, tangible action.

The core problem is, people are more likely to simply leave Fedi than migrate to a fork.

@cj Florence oh dear…

They managed to piss off so many of the developers that tried to help get it going at the time, it was dead before it even started and I don't really think they could even begin to understand why it failed.

@lanodan Ah, thanks for mentioning this. I knew only about it and nothing deep, so i really don't know much about that history.

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