Well that now makes 2 former co-workers I've been acquaintances with, who decided to get into Fox News and cry into the conservative narrative. This time onto the Tucker Carlson show.

I talked 1:1 with Taras in private in a friendly conversation because his document seemed very out of character for him, given my previous experiences working with him.

Yet despite my multiple, specific, actionable feedback he did nothing. Not even when I pointed out "your verbal words and written words don't match up". I also tried to close any cultural gaps.

IDK why he was fired but the document was horrible. I'm unsure if Fox has published the original copy.

I respect Taras way less now.

I hope if I (for whatever crazy reason) write a low quality opinion doc at work another Google employee is nice enough to reache out 1:1 to me and gives me that kind of cordial and structured feedback so I can either delete the whole document like a sane person or actually absorb the feedback and make changes.


And, of course, NOT go onto mainstream media and become a complete tool.

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I don't like talking about crap like this especially in places where Taras Kobernyk can't defend himself, but the Fediverse is a public forum and him choosing to go onto National TV makes it fair game for me to be able to just rant at feeling like I just got my good faith shat upon.

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