> In a discussion about SARS-CoV-2 research lab theory
> Talks about gain-of-function research being unnatural
> Wants to ban the technique
> Uses Demon Core as example of scientific technique no longer in use

Criticality experiments are very much still practiced scientific techniques my dude. We just have safety precautions for it now. No more rodeo-style hands, shims, and screwdrivers while putting your face near a weapons-grade core.

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Shouldn't bring up nuclear things in a discussion of viral research, IMO. Too different.

The only interesting shared discussion is the "what is natural" philosophical debate. Clearly everything humans touch is unnatural. *pokes finger on himself*

@suetanvil @cj

Such line of argumentation isn't very useful because it boils down to "everything is natural" and we lose a word to distinguish between changes brought by the civilization and changed brought by the non-civilization. In other words it would render the word "natural" to mean "exists".

@cj @suetanvil As humans we already have trouble accepting things that we haven't even touched as natural (homosexuality, transgenderism) so any "naturality" argument about things we indeed touched is pretty moot.
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