@hypolite My gut feeling does not agree with the hard math, which is the whole point of the OP.

1990 is just before The White Room came out, so pretty recent. 2050 is the Far Future when we will finally get our jetpacks and our UIs will be intuitive.
@clacke Thank you for the explanation, I鈥檝e always had a hard time relating to this feeling as I don鈥檛 have specific hopes for the future to seem distant nor a good enough picture of the past for it to seem close.

For me, the original assertion is very matter-of-factly and as such pretty uninteresting on its own, even though I鈥檝e learned it routinely elicit such reactions as yours.
@hypolite @clacke I have a high chance to be alive on the first and dead on the second, that still suggests some perspective. 馃し
@clacke @grin Are we still talking about 1990 and 2050 or did I miss something?
@hypolite @clacke (Life expectancy for Hungary is between 69鈥76 years.)
@clacke @grin I don't understand how you can have a high chance to be alive back in 1990? You should know, shouldn't you?
@hypolite @clacke I can't be sure but I bet on a pretty high probability.
It's a problem since Plato: whether what I know is what there is, or it's an illusion or mistake.

I might be dead for a while.
Maybe you don't exist.
Don't ask me.
@grin @hypolite On the one hand: Sure.

On the other hand we can't add a factor "or it might all be an illusion, who knows" to every observation we make, it doesn't make the observation more useful and doesn't help us predict anything.

@clacke @hypolite It鈥檚 because you witnessed 1990 but not 2050, so 1990 seems closer.

@clacke @spencer I didn't want to watch this video, and now that I did, it's time that I will never get back! 馃槹
@cj this will blow the minds of old people everywhere. meanwhile, the young people will be like "so...?"
my routing algorithm tells me that, from the current starting point and the present conditions, we can reach 2050 in a little over 28 years, but setting the destination to 1990, it can't find any path. it would seem that even setting the source to 1991, 2050 is reachable and 1990 isn't
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