For air travel, Switzerland requires a negative PCR test result that was administered 72 hours before crossing passport control -- in addition to 72 hours before boarding the first flight.

Since my flights will take 18-24 hours in total, that means I actually have 48 hours to get a negative PCR test result back. Here in NC, they pick up samples once per day in the evenings, so lab workers don't get to them until next day, so I actually have 24 hours to get a negative PCR test result.


Most pharmacies advertise "1-2 days" but after paying for a test at one, the tech said it'd be 72 hours. Which ruins the point of using the test for travel.

So I had to go to a different place where I could indicate "this test is used for regulations (ex:travel)" and now i just have to pray to the gods that actually means within 24 hours.

Otherwise I'm going to have a hell of a time getting home in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

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If the timing doesn't work out I'll have to change flights and hope the dog watchers can keep watching him. And at that point I'll probably say "fuck it" and try to fly with the 72-hours-before-departure test but not the 72-hours-of-arriving test which is a nice hefty fine plus a requirement to take yet another PCR test after entry.

Also I'm 2-week J&J vaccinated as of the day of my flight so I have like 1/3rd the chance of actually having the disease in the first place.

@lain Rapid antigen, yes. But that's not good enough -- gotta be that PCR.

@fence Thanks, I'll need it. This country has fast food yet slow rapid tests.

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