So I've been wondering what kind of app to build on top of go-fed for a long while. A straightforward forum seems like a good start. However, with dipping my toes back into Eve Online, I think there's an opportunity to take a forum idea further. Just brainstorming...

Eve Online in-game communities have an asymmetrical organization problem. People organize into Corporations. Corporations organize into Alliances. Those are in-game mechanics. Out of game, Alliances organize into coalitions.


Alliances have in-game mechanics that make them -- and not corporations -- the basic organizational unit. Alliances can hold sovereignty, Corporations can't. Because of this, Alliance-level communication has led to Alliance-level software and tools and community building. OK.

But because of this and other factors, the small community (corporation) can't compete, and alliance centralization has led to huge blob monoliths that you either join or avoid. There is no more "little guy"


That makes it very, nigh-impossible, hard to live as a small corporation in the lawless / player-run space. Alliances have dpecialized software, tools, and communities to help do intel, coordinate getting rich, and staying safe. Corps maybe have discord and a loose bag of more limited tools.

It is also very hostile to independent capsules who just want a taste of lawlessness. "Not blue, shoot it" is the default: if you aren't in a mega alliance, you're dead.


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The alternative to NBSI "not blue shoot it", which is hostile to anything smaller than mega alliance, is NRDS "not red don't shoot", aka "give them a chance, if they are bad and then become red, then shoot". NRDS does the opposite by carving out space for medium and small folks to live.

However, NBSI is 1000x easier to manage than NRDS. But, I believe specialized federated software can help in this regard. Which would lower the barrier for the smaller indie guys in the game


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