Parachute paper is my favorite:

"We have performed the first randomized clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of parachutes for preventing death or major traumatic injury among individuals jumping from aircraft. Our groundbreaking study found no statistically significant difference in the primary outcome between the treatment and control arms. Our findings should give momentary pause to experts who advocate for routine use of parachutes for jumps from aircraft..."

> Intervention Jumping from an aircraft (airplane or helicopter) with a parachute versus an empty backpack (unblinded).


@lain the true power of statistics is that anything* can be proven!

*Under an arbitrary enough condition

@cj see they can make a study say anythgin they fucking watn

@cj did they actually get real participants to hop out of stationary aircraft? The point stands either way but the idea of actually doing it is hilarious.

@cj it takes some grit to get to the guy part here.
Then again, the rest is also very good. Thank you for sharing!

@cj "participants included in the study were on aircraft at significantly lower altitude (mean of 0.6 m for participants v mean of 9146 m for non-participants; P<0.001) and lower velocity (mean of 0 km/h v mean of 800 km/h; P<0.001)."

I love the British medical journal Christmas issue

@tfardet Nice! Funny to see that there are both kinds of comments: "Ha, this satire shows how homeopathy papers really try to prove they work!" and "Ew, this paper tried to undermine science to make homeopathy papers look better!"

But is it really a sting? I just don't understand how it's possible to get that published... And there were actual pages of review... Or is it just algorithmically generated?
Is BMJ a satirical journal (a more serious version of the onion?)

@cj This would be unbelievably hilarious, if not for that small voice in my head reminding me that "Yeah, sure, this is satire, but ... there's real studies like this out there." :ms_frown:


A stationary aircraft on the ground♥🍪🍪🐤

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