Anyone want to dive into Eve Online? Been playing with a few RL friends but they're in US TZ and not in an EU one, which is hard.

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@cj I've dived into Eve Online back in 2012 and started having nightmares about losing my ship within a a couple weeks, 10/10 game will not play again.

@hypolite Yeah I was definitely that way for the first year or so when I began playing, 2010 i think. If you change your mind and happen to be available for game time in a EU timezone, it's more fun to not go it alone.

@cj It truly is, and I'm sorry I won't be playing with you, I'm still in EST and I can't commit the time anyway.
@cj It was less an apology than a bummer, I'd like to play with you but timezones are hard.
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