I was wondering why a bunch of tech folks were suddenly quoting the witty phrases of Bertrand Russel, and it's because there was a massive Orange Site thread about his quip on being the Pope.

If only there was a quote that went like: something-something about quotations being a substitute for wit. Then I'd really show off my ironic wit and wow the crowd.

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Quotations are a substitute for wit -- @cj

Now it's legit.

@cj Wit is optional. If you see a quotation that really resonates with you and captures what you wanted to say, there is no harm in quoting it. Of course there are going to be waves of popularity created by exposure — that's how fashion works too. It might seem annoying when you first notice it, but I assure you that once you get better at it, you can just sit back and enjoy the patterns.

@deshipu It also allows me to thoroughly enjoy the irony of quoting witty passages on any site dedicated to "getting up votes" (or equivalent).

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