If you feel strongly on: Fediverse culture, meta-analysis, commentary, or community here, I think the Fedi at large needs to do some preventative work to ensure that "Fediverse" does not become synonymous with "far right angry people".

I have which could use more submissions. We need ppl to encourage reporters to document how Fedi was the "no Trump tweets here" place that mainstream social media is now becoming & the refuge for trans right activists.

More ideas needed.

@cj hopefully Mastodon will outlive Trump just like most likely Linux will outlive Gates and Ballmer (it already outlived Jobs)

@lonely that's not what's at stake. What's at stake is what people think of when you're in the street and say "Fediverse". I don't want to to become synonymous with what folks think when you say "Parler" in the street.

@cj I'm ok with trends evolving naturally, even if I dislike many of said trends. So far Mastodon is ok, since it's mostly a geek thing, just like the Internet once was. Of course I'd be happier about a Mastodon without bots that make spam posts

@cj @lonely or how the word 'hacker' turned from something positive and empowering to 'a criminal'. Through decades of wrong use by media outlets. A pity.

One thing, is to keep pointing at how diverse it is.

How fediverse hosts all colors and sides, extremes in anything, with everything inbetween. From Safe Havens to unmoderated Speech. Not fighting eachother, but coexisting. From furries to libertarians. From libtards to fascists. From porn to cat pictures.

@berkes @cj @lonely i absolutely agree with you. What happens in USA politics (or in any other country) is just a fraction of what happens in the world. A fraction that is getting more irrelevant day by day. Fediverse is much bigger than USA (or any other country)

@cj This looks like a great idea!

Early last year I started to try to document general fediverse documentation, but shelved it among some of the recurring issues.

I've been considering bringing it back and actually fleshing out more material, allowing others to submit and edit themselves. I'd be interested in doubling up some efforts

@david oh nice! That sounds like a great project. Would love to learn more about what you've tried in the past, what works and what hasn't, and where your head is at, and your perspective on things.

It goes without saying, I'm open to collaboration. :)

@cj I had a few people offering to contribute articles, but I didn't give it enough focus at the time.

My intent is to have it focus on multiple fediverse projects, and provide things beyond the general documentation. Things like how they are generally used, some community driven standards, etc.

Ultimately, having someplace where interested folks can be pointed to to get a better idea of an individual project in the real world would be great.

@david @cj

On a similar vein we also have by @lightone where we are also interested in providing a better story for people who never heard of fedi before.

Also interested in collab. I proposed setting up a #FediverseFutures initiative for all kinds of people to look in a more holistic way to what the #fediverse can be. Think storytelling and PR / 'branding' campaigns efforts might also belong there.


@humanetech @cj @lightone I think I used this when first setting up this instance :bowie_laugh:

I agree, I think that the story should come from the users who can talk about what they're actually doing with it

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