Get Fedi Hired: Go-Fed Logo Rework 

I'm looking to pay from the Go-Fed OpenCollective to update the go-fed logo.

I have more of the constraints around the formatting of the final deliverable figured out, than the actual content/design. Opportunity for creative input w/ a few iterations (all compensated of course).

Wouldn't mind peeking at past works of interested folks to see styles.


The Open Collective:

The Work Tracker:

Boosts welcome.

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@thatbrickster neat, Google was first. Figured it'd be Microsoft'stead.

@461 Go-Fed is not affiliated with any companies. Mostly one person with a laptop and free time, trying to pay it forward.


@cj Choose a differently free environment, I don't want another Oracle in our hands. Good luck though #Developers #Against #Eunomia.

@461 I agree with your sentiment. I just see a difference between a language requiring a layer of interpreted bytecode and a corresponding proprietary VM (Java) and the license schenanigans Oracle did around that (where forking the language requires re-building the VM), versus a language directly compiling to native machine code (Golang, C, C++, etc) and having no such VM equivalent whatsoever and therefore no comparable schenanigan opportunity (and all of that is readily forkable).


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