This might sound like a silly question, but...

Has anyone created an implementation of ActivityPub such that multiple hosts (say, in a DNS Round-Robin arrangement or similar) provide a single instance, and all of the nodes are connected to each other using something like WireGuard on the backend?

Censorship-resistance, I can see it being a useful feature. Espcially for places like Switter or other... gatherings that the judgemental frown upon from their holier-than-thou positions of power.

There's an actual use-case behind this question. There are some groups of people that would like to use something like Mastodon, but it would be best to be prepared for the game of whack-a-mole that would take place.

Yes, running a hidden Tor service (or, rather, a load-balanced or failover one) would probably accomplish the task just fine. But I'm thinking about on the open Internet, without special tools being required. No special software.


@SuperFloppies I've run my blog as a Tor hidden service before temporarily. It just works, so long as peers can do the switch

Theres a group of us working on some of the censorship resistant parts of the tech. It's more geared around OCAP at the moment, a way to more accurately enforce what the trolls and free speech nuts *cant* get access to in order to harass folks

I hope to write a FEP about Tor specifically once apcore is more stable (aka i have more investment in the community than demos)

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