Mass data transfer by scanning a gif of a series of QR codes.

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As promised, the "very" efficient 1MB gif of a payload an order of magnitude smaller (mostly due to wasted QR code space and GIF being a terribly inefficient format).

But, fun fact, this ran the image through the OCAP prototype, so it's encrypted, chopped up, and you can't fingerprint the original file size.

Marked sensitive b/c it's just annoying to look at.

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Next, time to send this GIF via encoding the data as a series of alphorn notes, and find a really tall mountain for great signal coverage...

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@cj I worked with QR codes many years ago. but in industrial automation. in industry this is suitable. in human communication nothing is worse than QR codes. they're absolutely unreadable and zero-informative to human.
@cj if I want to send a GIF - I can send a GIF. not a problem. and I can pack 1 megabyte of text in many ways to make it more compact but not less informative.
@cj it's not suitable for humans. this mad square just breaks my eyes on my black screen and gives absolute zero of information.

@iron_bug Yes, precisely. Once the image was passed into the OCAP encoder it is not meant for human consumption anyway.

@cj the idea of QR codes was use in industry. automatic data recognition but robots. this is still a good way in automation of all kinds. but don't drag this into people's life.
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