"Engineers are bad at morality: News at 11"

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@cj duh! they have brains and dare to have their opinions. suddenly. and 'morality' was always something designed for herd. I dislike moralists too. because I'm an engineer. I have my point of view and don't need their good man rules for every day.

@iron_bug I think we have some fundamental disagreements. Everyone has to come to terms with their own view of morality. It tends to be that engineers more often than not happen to enjoy things that can be measured, categorized, and reasoned about. There's a lot more to ethics than that.

It's not an "us" versus "them" thing.

@iron_bug Logic and one's faculties of reasoning is certainly what one's self and other humans use to derive ethics from a discussion of morals. The two aren't mutually exclusive, and logic alone does not collectively exhaust the realm of 'ethics' (there is more to it).

@iron_bug @cj yes, ethics is something out of logic sometimes, that's why I keep with logic, not with ethics.
@iron_bug @cj 'ethics' is that bullshit with renaming 'master' to 'main' and as an engineer I stand against such useless stupid activities. I'm practical and support Linus's 'show me the code' principle. I don't care for all that battles they started in IT the past years. moralists don't write code, they only can produce bullshit.

@iron_bug Ah, sorry to hear that. I appreciate you making your stance clear though.

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