I made one PR to a few different github repositories a long time ago and now they are going into some Arctic Vault, so I got a random GitHub badge. Which raises a few questions:

1) GitHub has "badges"? Why.
2) There's an Arctic Vault for code? Why, is the code going to undesirably germinate in moderate temperatures like seeds?
3) Why these repositories?

@cj for future computer scientists on the post-apocalypse, so they too can enjoy our JavaScript and Go pains. And Perl joys, of course.

@cj To answer your third question: it's easiest to just archive everything and be certain that anything important is archived.

@cj Considering what is happening with the climate, \the Arctic doesn't seem like the wisest choice for a vault...


2) The location was chosen for its geopolitical stability

I had learnt of it through the MoM project ( before they began sending out badges.

Honestly I love the idea of preserving code, but dislike how they turned it into an ad campaign


@Naughtylus @cj But why preserve the least long-term useful thing that humans have produced so far?

@deshipu @cj Well, to begin with, there are compression algorithms, encryption algorithms, communication protocols, operating systems and all sorts of stuff that I would be sad to see forgotten.

But most importantly, it's part of our culture, and that's worth preserving, which is why I like the MoM project. But I get your point that preserving the countless student projects and web scrapers is probably pointless.

@Naughtylus @cj It's not quite what I meant. I agree about the value of various algorithms and system designs, but I believe that unless you are practicing some form of literary programming, code is probably the least convenient form of preserving them. In particular, algorithms are mathematical objects, and math can describe them much more precisely and generally. Don't get me started about trying to guess the million reasons why a system is designed the way it is — I would rather read a design document.

@Naughtylus MoM is interesting, thanks for sharing that! Just over the border, too. Wonder if they would accept visitors in a non-Covid world...


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