Taylor Swift wants to re-record some of her songs to avoid the master record issue. However, that path is exactly the one my father took so, uh, the case law is pretty well established. So I can only wish Taylor a lot of luck, or re-record songs with both altered lyrics and a creative derivative sound to avoid the legal problems.


It sucks, and maybe she just didn't realize what control she was giving up when she decided to trade in her master record rights for a boatload of cash to jump-start her pop career. Because the music industry is full of viciousness on all sides: it has always been about the control, never about the music.

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@ben It's a little different than that. I've had trouble following all of Scooter Braun's ventures after Justin Bieber. While the RIAA is more interested in copyright broadly, which is enforcement of existing ownership rights, what Swift is doing with Braun is exposing the underbelly of the industry's backdoor deals and horse-trading of who's-who owning and trading the actual fundamental rights to some of the works.

Its a sycophantic business culture.

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