This morning was some bookkeeping around apcore. I got the TODO's I've been sprinkling in the code as issues instead:

What is apcore? It aims to be a generic framework for building web applications. To lower the cost of developing small-software stand-alone federated apps. Comes with a whole slew of (opinionated / conventional) features.

Work still in progress.

[It isn't a "generic AP server", there is no such thing]

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That "generic AP server" phrase is loaded πŸ˜‚

I think very few people approach a specification in their thinking, there, and the implications of "generic" in use range from (and may simultaneously include) "minimally opinionated store and pass through server" to "has well defined and specific behaviors for any semantic vocabulary, even if the vocabulary is completely new." While the second idea is fun to think about, the first is quite challenging in itself

@cj Since I've taken a break from programming for a couple of weeks (lots of work and wanted to work on recording a bit of music), what would your recommendation be: Continue with go-fed/activity, or should I start over using apcore? I know it's still alpha/pre-alpha, so I would definitely expect bugs and whatnot, but is it featured enough to actually work at this point? I ask, as I haven't looked at the code yet. Thanks.

@jazzyeagle Hoi! Hope you got to record some nice tunes. :)

You can keep using go-fed/activity if you would like to build your own application with its own structure, using databases and other backend libraries (queues, ORMs, etc) you're interested in.

apcore is in a state where I could use help from someone looking to use it, but it's only half-baked. Some immediate things need doing too. After that, I dunno what the "featured enough" criteria is! :) You'd wind up contributing feedback & maybe code.

@cj Thanks for the response. I did get one recorded, though I'm going to find a drummer online, because I'm not happy with the way the drum programming turned out.

In regards to apcore, I'll take a look at it and get a feel for how it's supposed to work and make a choice from there. If I decide to go with apcore, I'll most likely send you tickets/patches as I go. I want to get a better feel for how it works first, though. Thanks again for all of it, though!! It's appreciated!

@jazzyeagle Good luck w/ the drummer!

& no problem! Patches are welcome, I wanna be clear and say there's some bigger stuff that still needs doing (ex: around OAuth2), hopefully I've listed all the things in the github issue tracker. I would say if you do wind up choosing apcore to, if you run into something: post about it there (if it wouldn't be a small patch); or, if the API is insufficient, put it there too.

There's also design choices I'd wanna run by someone else, too.

@jazzyeagle I guess the TL;DR is if you choose apcore, I'd wanna be more proactive w/ more frequently communicating w/ you. I know folks aren't always wanting to have that overhead when doing their own thing for the fun of it. So just wanted to make you aware.

@cj I get it. I'll let you know what I decide when I get a chance to review (may be a week or two).

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