@TheMainOne several people have looked into it, but AFAIK nobody is working on it. If anyone wants to work on it, let us know ^_^


Hey @cj wondering if you may be able to help with this?

@forgefed @TheMainOne

@mayel Yes! Thanks! I have been having trouble connecting with @forgefed or @bill_auger or @fr33domlover recently though, to make sure work is coordinated. As some things are still missing from ForgeFed that are needed.


@cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @bill_auger @forgefed

OK, hope coordination can happen! It seems the spec is still WIP so there should be space for a Gitea integration to happen in parallel and participate in that process.
@cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @bill_auger @forgefed

Also I wonder if the likes of @codeberg and #NotABug would be able to participate and/or support the effort, as they seem to be maintaining their own forks.

@mayel @cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @forgefed @codeberg

notabug is already supporting the effort, effectively, because it is another of the peers member projects - the primary mission of the peers group, is to support the efforts of other free software projects ( peers.community/ )

@mayel @cj @TheMainOne @fr33domlover @forgefed @codeberg

AFAIK, no one is working on a golang implementation currently - is someone offering to do that?

if so, there is a thread on the forum re: implementations - do feel free to join the forum and add comment


@bill_auger Thanks bill. go-fed (go-fed.org/) is v1 a golang lib ready for retrofit onto existing applications or for use in stand-alone applications. Furthermore, I'm currently working on apcore, which is a more hands-on framework for quickly standing up a Fediverse web app.

So I am looking to provide consult for someone else doing the gitea integration atm.

I've connected w/ Rob (enot on FENEAS) separately, nothing currently moving tho.

@mayel @TheMainOne@floss.social @fr33domlover @forgefed @codeberg

@bill_auger It would also be beneficial if y'all checked into the socialhub.activitypub.rocks/ every once in a while. For example, we are trying to set up a community FEP process for documenting the community's expansions to ActivityPub, which may or may not interest y'all, but would be nice to know you're in the loop. Plus we missed ForgeFed rep in . :(

@mayel @TheMainOne@floss.social @fr33domlover @forgefed @codeberg

@cj @mayel @forgefed @fr33domlover @TheMainOne

there should be no trouble contacting any of us - i got this email; and i get email for posts to the FENEAS forum - we are always in #peers on freenode also

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