WANTED: If anyone wants to document a idea we as an development community could definitely use it.

Things off the top of my head:
* webfinger
* http signatures
* federating Block activities
* custom emojis
* e2e encryption
* nodeinfo2
* federating.md

If you're interested, just go for it. Or reach out to me if you need a cheerleader to go *rah rah* and motivate you.

Process is at:

Also, if you have comments/feedback about the FEP process, can also put the feedback at socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/

Which was birthed from discussions at

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Also if you want an account on that gitea instance DM me and I can create you an account. I suck at linux and still need to figure out how to coax sendmail to shove out emails when it's not me at the command line.

(If you happen to have an OpenID you should be able to sign in w/ it (but I expect this to be very rare))

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@cj I wonder if my request to gitea to support indieauth went anywhere

@cj I also requested that the oauth2 library mastodon uses support indieauth (which is basically just oauth2 without an app needing to be registered)

@cj honestly it probably wouldn't be too hard to make a service that just translates oauth2 to indieauth in both directions

@cj If you'd like some help with the email server, let me know.

@cj would be nice to see #gitea become an #OpenID provider.

There are reams of issues related to this, but the main one, still open is github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu

@humanetech @cj

I just came across Dex: github.com/dexidp/dex.

"- Dex is a federated OpenID Connect provider. Built-in Gitea support."

So I assume this is covered.

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