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There is no such thing as an apolitical judiciary in America. For example, consider the Federalist Society. It is basically the Secret Society Cabal for the judiciary during any modern conservative Presidential reign.

"Apolitical Judges" a myth in USA 

The Federalist Society is quite literally a place for people to practice their politicized legal arguments for judicial activism. Even if they don't fly a flag and explicitly chant the Society's name, the insidious Lovecraftian cult-like ideological corruption happens all the same.

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Setting up of parallel USA institutions 

Consider that the American Bar Association, a voluntary organization involved in academic and ethical standards of US law schools, used to help vet potential Supreme Court nominees for over 50 years.

Well, some people were unhappy w/ this because the ABA wasn't "conservative enough" and wanted to find a parallel "All-American" political organization to do it. 2005: enter the Federalist Society, George W Bush, and Alito.

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On manipulating norms 

The Federalist Society is a particularly insidious example of how political trends in the USA change and destroy norms.

Take some norm or non-partisan organization doing their thing. A typical conservative strategy is to find it isn't conservative enough, so they set up a parallel organization with a conservative bent and a more patriotic name. Then try to replace the existing norm or non-partisan organization with their own, shifting the whole culture with them.

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On manipulating norms 

@cj US conservatives are extremely good at this and imo it has been their main winning strategy over the last 40 years or so

On manipulating norms 

@darius @cj Totally agree. IMO it's also in part why the conservatives/republicans seem WAY better at the long game than the dems. Look at how they're stacking the supreme court and will likely get Roe v. Wade either repealed or badly weakened.

On manipulating norms 

@feoh @darius @cj Democrats could have made Puerto Rico & D.C. US States in 2012โ€ฆbut power is icky ๐Ÿ™ˆ

On manipulating norms 

@kai @darius @cj Yeah, I think they have some hang-ups around the idea that ruthlessness can be in service to a greater good.

On manipulating norms 

@feoh @darius @cj The October 8 Yang Speaks "Winning Back Rural America" has other insights into this

On manipulating norms 

@feoh @darius @cj If you give up power to do the right thing, but that causes more wrong things on the long run, youโ€™re not doing the right thing. I think thatโ€™s what democratic politicians are missing.

Trump can look good by looking strong. Biden cannot, because people expect him to also appear to have the moral high ground.

On manipulating norms 

@feoh @darius @cj That sounds like quite a strong long game. Why donโ€™t the democrats do that?

This sounds like the pirates in Europe, suggesting a copyright law that would have balanced all interests and then being surprised that the conservative and right-wing parties corrupted it in discussion-phase.

On manipulating norms 

@darius @cj my long-time strategy recommendation:

Kick off a liberal movement branded in conspicuously pro-America terms, undergirded on the totally true principle that most rightwingers' ideologies are antithetical to the symbols they invoke. Co-opt everything, including e.g. the Pledge of Allegiance ("liberty and justice for all").

To rub it in, call it something like the "Real Patriot" movement.

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