Wife: "I'm pretty sure this is normal, I've just never thought about it: why can we see the moon this morning on a bright sunny day?"

Me, existential crisis: "Wait, why *can* we see the moon during the day? Is this normal? Is the world ending? How did humans of old cope with this? Is this what ancient stargazers felt like? Is this why the old religions included the moon?"

@cj β€œI think the answer is more subtle and more telling of how many people live their lives: they simply don't notice what goes on around them. The Moon is easy to see during the day, if people would simply look up!”

The Moon is about as reflective as a tarmac road; we can generally see those during the day so why is seeing the Moon at all surprising?

@edavies Just maintaining a childlike wonder at the sheer scale of things and the way nature has served us up its physics.

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