I would like to not be disenfranchised and be able to cast a mail-in ballot this November in my home state of NC, thanks.

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Fun fact: When I turned 18, which was a presidential election year, I joined the grassroots efforts of Bev Harris (blackboxvoting) which raised concerns about electronic voting, including the ES&S systems that NC was using. I talked to a lot of poll station workers in NC and of course no members of the public were allowed to do more than watch poll stations clean up. Otherwise you had to be pre-registered as an observer well ahead of time, and that registration only goes smoothly if you're a party member.

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@cj This November is going to be very, very interesting. And not in a good way.

@bamfic Yeah, I definitely feel like a very vocal and violent-prone minority took the satire of things like "America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't" and formed a decentralized cult to make the Onion a legitimate news source.

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