I hate birdsite as a primary source so much 

Garbage primary source in, garbage media reporting out.

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Trump calling for delay of 2020 vote 

@cj Yup, it's real.

Trump calling for delay of 2020 vote 

@cj Not a fake. The tweet is at:


And this is him putting out a feeler for his actual attempt to delay the election.

@emacsen *Long slow exhale noise*

I'm at a loss of words (except those (and those (and those (...

@cj I've long said to people that August -> February will be the most important time in the US" history. It's when we see as a country how we respond to an attempt to dismantle the democracy.

Trump is doing what he always does- testing the waters by stirring something up, then he'll come in later with the actual thing.

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