HN, on KKK/Neo-Nazi members 

Last night I got frustrated by HN comments on the story of David Duke (KKK) and Richard Spencer (Neo Nazi) getting deplatformed.

I just made a rant of my personal story on how I was raised as a white person in the South on how to do the bare minimum to not support the KKK, which is TBH not impressive by any progressive standard.

What happens next surprises no one.

HN, on KKK/Neo-Nazi members 

I'm drowning in upvotes (why, its a rant and I'm in "burn karma" mode), tons of comments of people who "want to agree with me maybe but only if I define one specific word for them", downvoted responses pointing out that anything more progressive than my statement is downvoted on HN, being asked my opinion on specific court cases that on the surface contradict my personal experiences.

Maybe one or two comments reflected back any humanity at all from the rant.


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HN, on KKK/Neo-Nazi members 

@cj because it’s HN.

The place is a cesspool of “libertarian” dickheads who care more about Freedumb of Speech and their Quilette articles than anything remotely adjacent to the points you made.

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