@cj right! That sub was a cesspool of veiled hatred and racism

@cj that's a shame... i was a member for a long time... they tried to follow the rules, but that is impossible when the rules keep.getting changed.. i never saw.any hate there.. in fact, anything of the sort was.actively not tolerated.. it is a shame that free speech was destroyed.on that platform.

@d4klutz I have no experience on Reddit by choice, but it is hard to be sympathetic when that particular subreddit's culture and people were insufferably leaking everywhere else on 2015/16 internet like a bunch of edgy 4chan Anons thinking they were blazing some kind of revolution across the web

Saying "free speech was destroyed" as if it is a currency or commodity makes me think we are not going to have a productive discussion on the topic. If you're curious why, cjslep.com/c/blog/censorship-i will have answers.

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