Imagine if there was a way to magically make it such that every phone was capable of running a Fediverse server (pick-any-software) and do it well:
1) What expectations, criteria, or needed changes are important to you?
2) Would it be worth it?

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I didn't know how to word the above question #1, so some example answers off the top of my head are:
- I don't want the server to always be on, but I still magically want to receive all messages
- I don't want it to kill my battery
- I want better handling of contacts/blocks

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@cj Besides battery it would probably kill the mobile data quote of most people and unnecessarily expose the devices to remote exploits, I think.

@gaab Hm, nice points. Intermittent connectivity would need to magically be supported (so Wifi, not mobile data, can be used).

Not sure how to think about the remote exploits bit.

@cj i think scuttlebutt is trying to do something like this…

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