Being a landlord; Skipping a month of rent 

Figured Fedi would like this story...

Yesterday I sent an email to my point of contact at the property management company asking if we could skip charging the tenant the next month of rent. Got an email from the company Owner listing the reasons I should not do it ("tenant hasn't told us they're having trouble paying", "we don't know what'll come in the second wave", etc).


Being a landlord; Skipping a month of rent 

I know this short blurb paints the company Owner in a certain light. But his property management company is tiny and he simply wants to retain me as his customer for as long as possible (and not default on the mortgage) in these uncertain times. So I'm not harping on the guy.

I do figure a concrete example of this kind of conversation would be interesting to a few Fedi folks.

Being a landlord; Skipping a month of rent 

@cj That is very generous of you, being able to pay it forward like that must feel pretty good, especially during these difficult times!

Being a landlord; Skipping a month of rent 

@dansup Thanks but I'd disagree... Sure the act is a kind one but I'm more doing it out of a sense of "wtf is wrong with the world, why isn't this already a thing". I don't think I am a instrinsically a generous person.

I more wanted to show what a concrete conversation around rent cancellation sounds like.

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