Link to raw video of Ahmaud Arbery's death, RAGE

> Be a white person at home minding his own fucking business
> See a black person jogging outside
> Decide that's the burglary suspect
> Decide the *best* course of action is to show up 2v1 armed and confront this person *while* they are already in their *fight or flight* mode
> Try to cut off the runner w/ a truck, he takes the high road and decides to run away
> Cut him off *again* and hop out. "Stop, stop, we want to talk to you"


FUCKING dipshit dumbasses wind up killing a guy minding his own damn business in broad daylight, and I'm sure the father's former job as a LEO helped contribute to a sense of "I know how this law enforcement stuff works let me be a citizen vigilante now!".

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If there's one thing I got to see while growing up in the South it was the very big blurry grey line of:

"I'm not racist" <proceeds to basically be knowingly and deliberately racist-adjacent as much as possible>.

Then there's shit like this where two people can be watching this video and one person will say "thats a vigilante murder" and the other person will being a long oration basically trying to say "he deserved it" but in longer, nicer, Southern-pleasantry words.

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RAGE, McMichaels & Death Row Racial Disparities 

Georgia already has an inmate on death row who was convicted for straight-up murdering a person on their walk. But that was a black murderer, white victim.

Time will tell if the State of Georgia will consider prosecuting capitol punishment for the McMichaels (white murderer), black victim of the same class of crime.

I doubt it because the DPIC shows GA only really executes people whose victims were white even when only looking at the "post-race years" >=2000.

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