@cjslep In this blog post I:

- Go over the recent Swiss Federal Council decision from a few hours ago.
- Go over the stuff I've heard happening catching up back on how the USA is doing
- Go over some stuff we are doing to prepare
- Asking people to wash their hands and use their noggin'

@cj @cjslep re USA, somehow I am not surprised at all after seeing so many zombie and other apocalypse movies, with the hero being a sole survivor — we have been trained for this.

@cj @cjslep "Soap simply helps “carry” the particulate matter away from your skin, where the flowing water can simply carry it away." — that is not how it works. Soap is actually especially effective against this particular virus, because it dissolves the lipid membrane the payload of the virus is surrounded with. Which most hand sanitizers don't do. So soap is actually much better for this. Also all other detergents, like laundry or dishwashing liquids.

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