What's your of choice if you had to stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Looks like : New Horizons will be my entertainment, assuming still I'm able to get it on the 20th. If not, it'll probably be or .

@igeljaeger @cj
I'd probably finally be able to finish my Half-Life playthrough.

@alyx @igeljaeger Don't forget to play the half life sequels, I hear half life 3 keeps you on the edge of your seat.

@cj I'll be playing Factorio. I also want to get a few of the board game video games and set up a group with my friends to get together and play over the net

@cj Stellaris, HOI4, Imperator, basically anything by Paradox. Also a good time to level my ESO Tank. But my company is well set up for Working from Home, so in reality PyCharm and Sublime

@moncky Yeah I'm already WFH being productive. I am hoping to not wreck my work/life balance too much in either direction, cause work is already bleeding over (folks that start late/end late keep pings and emails flowing well into the night).

@cj Factorio, Axiom Verge, the entire Metroid franchise, and ofc all the classwork I'ma be doing since my uni is moving online next quarter.

@octet33 Oh dang! I hope online courses work well for you. I historically found online classes were not a good way for me to learn... But others thrive on it!

@cj The new #pathofexile league drops this weekend, which is perfect timing. I'm going to try playing Solo Self Found this league, probably as a Storm Brand Heriophant.

@stolas Hey I understood some of those words, like "weekend" and "new". Lol!

I think a game is great when it has its own lingo and outsiders like me have no clue what it means. 😊

@cj DOOM (2016), Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and DOOM: Eternal once I buy that. Basically, anything DOOM or Wolf. 😁

@cj Unironically hoping I get mandatory wfh next week so I can do some uninterrupted dev work and also get stated in Animal Crossing 😌

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