If you are a developer, know , and have been wanting to make a application for the betterment of the , please consider go-fed.

I will happily consult with you for free (gratis) to help you determine if go-fed is even the right choice for your needs, and would like to help ensure you feel you're on a good path.

I'd like to see more ActivityPub apps out there!

If you're not a developer, or don't know golang, and would like to, check out

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@cj there's a big bug in Go 1.14 that makes it instantly crash on Ubuntu with a big scary error message so beware

@cj I'll take you up on that when I get to it in my bucket list, you know :blobwink:
so maybe 5-6 years down the line
@cj any go-fed doc / links for the curious?

@cj I'm working on a federated forum/bbs that'll use go-fed eventually! Once I get back to actually finishing the boring forum bits first haha

@0orpheus Nice! Sounds awesome! How soon til you want to take the Fedi leap, you think?

@cj Honestly no idea when I'll be able to; other projects and job have pulled me away from it for the time being. But probably once I can finish up posting and user management I'll add go-fed into it. I'm planning on just using go-fed/activity rather than apcore

@cj Perhaps it would help to add a link to in the github repo as documentation seems lacking and the certificate on the go-fed domain is expired πŸ˜…

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