Ever wanted to hear an epic album about humans escaping into space from nuclear war on the surface of the earth, and trying to find a new home, journeying to the ends of the universe?

From the remains of legendary band Slumber, was Atoma.

My favorite part is when their collective conscious grows in Rainmen:
"Life before; we were kids
Life before; we were children
Life after; we turned grey
Life after; we turned dark"

Come join me on a journey.

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@cj "We're going on an adventure!"

(Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm currently finishing the second book in the series that starts with humans escaping into space from a devastating war, trying to find a new home on a planet that had a terraforming team sent to it centuries before, and is (unbeknownst to the escapees) already a home for a species of Earth animals previously uplifted by humans.)

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