In a very positive mood 

"When they bring you down
Drag you through the ground
I can pick you up
Yeah I will pick you up

And when they make you fall
Can't take it no more
I can pick you up
Yeah I will pick you up"

In a very positive mood (flashing lights in video) 

"Last night as I lay dreaming
The strangest kind of feeling
revealed it's secret meaning
And now I know

I've never ever been to Paradise
I've never ever seen no angel's eyes
I'll never ever let this magic die
No matter where you are, you are my lucky star"

DJ Raaban - Lucky Sar (Brisk & Ham Remix)

Still riding my ridiculously positive mood 

Long live late 90's and 2000's trance!

Long live the golden age of the mid 2000's where remixing these songs reigned supreme!

Long live everyone, everything! Weeeeeeeeee! :)

DCX - Flying High (Dj Splash Remix)

DCX - Flying High (1999 original radio edit)

Absolutely Classic happy hardcore 

"This is my melody
And its just the ravers fantasy
cause i know
if youre in love with me tonight
we'll rave it through the night!"


Come join the positivity train! EURODANCER! 

If you don't know this song, it was THE top and most instantly recognizable techno/trance song for the longest time, a decade ago.

Web 1 1 0

Remember before PLUR was corporatized? 

"You're an angel
You're the only sunshine in my life
Feels like heaven
When you take me in your arms"

You're My Angel

Last ones -- listen to music in this thread to be uplifted 

Another set of bangin' classics. Last ones for the night.

I pretty much discovered the internet at the same time as this music and both embodied the ideal to me of people just hanging out, enjoying each other, getting along, and having a fucking amazing time together.

COME WITH ME - Special D

Dj Hixxy - As i rise agen

Finally, 1999 calls!

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