To fly to America as a US citizen involved 3 security checks and 4 immigration. And the lines for non-US persons here at JFK are 4x as long. It's almost like we don't actually want people to come.

@cj America is turning into that mad old git who lives in a tin shed, and shouts at pigeons.

I did this when Jennicett Gutierrez confronted Obama about immigrant detention

Flying as non-citizen from Dublin: 1 Dublin airport security, 1 US C&BP security in Dublin, 1 US C&BP customs in Dublin. Lands domestic at JFK.

Maybe the answer is, submit to your C&BP overlords in Dublin rather than at JFK? ;)

@ivan How the hell did you manage to land domestic at JFK?! Jealous

@cj Dublin airport has its local 'pre-clearance' thingie. A bunch of US officials running a small part of the airport :P

@cj Flying to America has been one of my worst airport/travel experience so far, including a bonus security check at Heathrow in a weird, empty hallway, going through my carry-on baggage and my shors even... of course they were English so they apologized 35 times, but still. Probably because of first-time ESTA flight.

@gaab Yeah the first time ESTA folks get the shaft. The line at immigration at JFK for those folks was half a kilometer long (no joke) while the line for US citizens was non existent. The kicker? Both lines merged into the same area (another line), but the US citizens were given priority, basically skipping all the first time ESTA folks.

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