Wow, someone in Canton Schwyz is being super hostile and anti-foreigner to a coworker because they put poop bags in regular trash cans instead of the (soon to be deprecated) Robidog bins.

(Lady printed 3 signs, this is the third)
"Oder im eignen Hosensack. Dann können sie die Hände warmen... Und es stinkt nicht bei uns...

Wir lieben DIOR und AMOUAGE

Hoffentlich ist das jetzt auch für Euch verständlich...

Migros gibt Deutsch- und Integrier- Kurse wie verhalte ich mich in der sauberen Schweiz"


The three posters are on a normal trash can, put in public. On the first poster, it says "no poop here". The second poster, the lady calls out the co-workers specific building and basically says "put poop in the Robidog bins", and threatens to call the landlord.

The third poster is what I posted above, basically saying "...or use the dog poop to keep your hands warm instead. Also [implying dirty foreigner] go take integration courses so Switzerland can stay clean."

I know this is not representative of the Swiss and is just one particular person being a pain. But man is this hard to read.

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@cj Mmmmm... xenophobia, which is actually very useful as a xeno. Knowing that you are perceived that way by host cultures means you can save your airfare and just not. Switzerland, Venice, and Japan on the list... handy.

@Bluedepth I still heartily recommend going to Switzerland. The Swiss culture is one of respect, I've found. These comments are from a rare hateful person and are unacceptable at several levels (culturally, legally). I am pretty sure there will be legal action as a result of this, at least a flurry of letters that set the stage and document things.

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