is under attack from freefedifollowers dot ga, it's follower spam.

Mastodon where's your notification and incoming rate limiting?


freefedifollowers dot ga

ActivityPub Follow spam.

The idiot behind it doesn't even know how to properly generate "random" names, and is clearly enumerating through a couple for loops and concatenating hand typed or integer things together.

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@cj Are follow requests handled different from other messages in your and other implementations?

I'm wondering also if you had a chance to listen to some of the ideas @cwebber and I presented?

@emacsen @cwebber I haven't yet listened to the podcast nor read some of the latest spritely stuff. It's on my list!

@cj @cwebber The last episode, and the pair of papers are specifically about spam on the Fediverse, so we're very much looking for implementers to read it.

As we're seeing, the current techniqes don't work, and we have some nice options available to us that could.

@emacsen I'll try to read it before next week. When it comes to implementing things though, I already have a ton on my plate. :(


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