So, Kev over at FOSStodon put out a statement about how he didn't know snowflake was a slur. But his language really reinforces that he still thinks this is a "both sides" issue, where people are being overly sensitive. Take a look:

For comparison, here's my write-up about a very similar sort of person, who doesn't own their own service:


What a joke. 1/n

I'm really disappointed because already the members of that community I was talking to, who last night I expressed such fondness for, have all basically gone, "Well, he apologised, so I'll be staying and things can continue on."

I was too hopeful, but I hope I'm just as hopeful next time. 2/2

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Further, I think their approach to rewriting the CoC to be more specific goes against much of the common knowledge among actually threatened groups who need its protection: we don't need specific rules, we need consistent and thoughtful arbitration.

Also, punting the revision to their patrons, many of whom started donating to show support for Kev's comments. Eesh.

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Kev: "I know I am not a Nazi, or a fascist, or a racist, or any of those names I was called."

My essay: "He keeps getting called a 'techbro,' and this one person even called him a 'fascist.' But Gamma knows he isn’t a fascist: he’s a normal person like anyone else: a late-20s straight white man who works in tech."

Except for fuzzing the age, mmm that's real similar.

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Oh: Here's what my FIRST TAKE on this situation was:

"Why won’t they wait to hear his case?

Those of us with less-juvenile-than-Kev’s perspectives already know what case he’ll plead, because we’ve not only heard it a thousand times, but there’s even academic essays saying what it will be; it’s that predictable. It’s part logic, part statistics: if these are the views he states publicly, you can infer he holds these beliefs privately, and thus will argue it this way...

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@emsenn Thanks for the reads. What's most telling to me is how the CoC is changing rather than using it as, say, passing under the very low bar of using the incident as a mere exercise of enforcement ("Here's what the punishment would be if I weren't an admin").

It's super telling what kind of community FOSStodon wants to be, how new and inexperienced the admins are. Being great at tech connecting people doesn't equal being great at running a community of connected people.

@cj Common totalitarian tactic is to not enforce laws while rewriting them to be more explicit, then pressuring their enforcement when it's convenient, under the guise of "rule of law" instead of "political coercion."

It's... real trivial to write rules that favor oneself. In fact, it's really hard to do anything BUT.

There's a big wide world of experienced community organizers but they want to build their own thing and have it grow grow grow and sorry that's neoliebral centrism, just open-src

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