I think it's safe to assume the US and Iran are going to go to war soon.

The NY Times is doing it's part being a hawkish propaganda mouthpiece. Textbook signals after having read Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent"

@cj people have been saying this since like 2003, probably before.

@jeffcliff Yes, ultimately I am just guessing like everyone else. But I have some deeper points that guide my outlook, but don't have the time to type them all out on my phone or within several 500-char toots.

- Trump + Israel
- Trump + Bolton
- Trump + Saudis
- Media framing of the 4 tanker attack
- Media going only off US Gov supplied evidence
- Media select quotes from officials ("Iranian navy loose cannon" etc)
- No flak/criticism generated (see: propaganda model)

@jeffcliff Sure, and you didn't hear me saying it then. What you would've heard from me then was "The Iraquis don't have WMDs we shouldn't go to war" and then seen me get bullied by my middle school classmates.

@cj Do you mean that the US population is willing to agree with that ? As far as I know, Trump keeps saying the US soldiers are all coming home. This is a paradox 🤔

@dada I don't know about the population. But the US leadership is getting hot and bothered over it due to Bolton. And so far the NY Times is coyfully playing along.

@cj We always have to be at war. We have nothing else. Nothing else defines us. When we aren't at war, we go to war with each other. We used to be Puff the Magic Dragon. But then 9/11 broke us in half, and we turned into Godzilla, and totally forgot about Puff.

@cj I have a feeling Venezuela will be a testing ground for a larger Iran project. Too bad there is only one Chomsky.

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