"Riot Games employees are preparing for a walkout this afternoon... employees reported a culture of widespread and endemic sexism at the company... the first walkout at a major gaming studio."


DO IT! AAA, the corporate game industry is overflowing w/ shitheadery, exploitation of workers. It's the central pillar where Steve Bannon launched the fascist international movement through gamergate, pushing game culture toward the far-right

This is a critical anti-fash push.

@silverspookgames Thank god. I have always been skeptical of Riot since BabaGanoush and Nikasaur left. AKA I haven't played League since Vlad was the new character.

@silverspookgames I may be exaggerating but Riot Games took LoL along a massive shift to competitive play and $$$ early on that completely nuked the RP and creative aspect of the game. Babaganoush was the creative lead at the time responsible for content and Nika was the last of the old culture vanguard (she started early as an intern).

$$$ above everything brought bad actors in and out of game.

@cj 100%. I've been working in games for 20 years and have had this thought forever. Money grubbing in the industry have been ruining games, gamer culture, and the overworked game devs for so long, and finally there's some push back. However small and successful or not the Riot Games walkout is, it's an milestone step in the right direction. This is a happy day!


@silverspookgames Yep. I feel Riot's culture didn't start this way. But it turned into this toxic mess. And rather quickly.

I was actually rather invested in the community when they alienated me. Attached is a screenshot of their first-ever community contest. My name is at the very bottom of the image.

You won't believe how many people ask me for my old account info to have all my rare skins and stuff, and just don't know what gaming community Riot nuked.


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@silverspookgames Also since the images are long gone -- from the original submission email in 2010 -- here is a copy of the sand logo.

To think they just nuked the community aspect because it wasn't bringing in $$$ like the competitive scene was just abhorrently stupid.

@cj I hadn't realized that, although I don't doubt game execs would make such a move. In my own experience, the $$$ folks don't even play games don't know about games, and don't care about them. So they end up running games into the ground while trying to squeeze as much cash out of the makers and gamers before the IP craters. (Also, awesome work on the logo)

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