I fired up GHCi (Haskell interactive REPL) the other day and couldn't quit. Neither 'quit' nor 'exit' nor 'q' nor ESC worked.

Then I realized, as a vim user, I know the dark arts.

"No way," I thought.

I type ':' and I shudder. I can feel reality begin to flee away from my periphery as the Cthulhu-call echoes within my skull.

Next I hit 'q', terrifying color and noise abound! "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn -"

I quickly mash 'Enter'. Unnerving silence.


Meanwhile in Emacs land:

- Meta Ex, Process Bufer One, requesting fire mission, danger close. Grid coordinates... you see that big, green thing? Over.

- Process Buffer, Meta Ex, copy, we see it. What did you do, EVIL rituals shit? Over.

- Something like that, over.

- The brass will tear you a new one when you get back. Kill Process launched, landing in ten. Out.

@cj Ctrl-D seems to me the always-available method for exiting a REPL.

@cj you can exit out of almost any command line tool with CTRL-D, which signals the end of input (works with shells, repls, ed…)

@cj I once saw my friend's cat "accidentally" exit Vim and then stare at me, as if it forgot I was watching. Bone chilling to say the least.

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