How does one go about commissioning or licensing work from creative folks (musicians, digital artists) in a way that is fair to both? Any handy resources or guides? I'd rather not go to massive content-farm-factory websites.

For what it's worth I'm in need of some music for a technically minded podcast idea I have floating in my head and what better way to support the Fediverse than to actually look at paying for a license for some intro music and B roll music.

I don't have a large budget but I would appreciate boosts in order to get advice from others who have done commissions before or to get visibility and/or get recommendations for people present on the Fediverse who also produce music and/or digital art and also accept commissions and/or license deals.

I am not trying to start a bidding war, nor solicit a "come to me with a proposal", etc. I don't want to waste other peoples' energy & time.

I just have no contacts and no network to even begin looking in.

Also instead of doing "advertisements" or "sponsors" in the podcast episodes, I am thinking of doing short unpaid shout outs to Fediverse software and the software developers working on them.

That way it is an AP podcast mentioning fediverse software and devs with fedi-made music and episode art.

@cj posts like this are a good place to start- I'm down to produce some backing tracks for your podcast, if my style is what you're looking for:

I haven't done commissioned pieces before (I usually do paid mix work for people), but I'm sure we could work something out that's reasonable.

@cj Typically I think for commissioned stuff, must composers charge per minute of finished audio. That way, you don't end up getting quoted an estimate and then getting sticker shock when they finish and say it took twice as long as they thought it would.

@Miredly Thanks for providing a link to your work, and I didn't know about the per-minute of finished audio rate! Both are very helpful.

@cj Lee Jackson isn't on the Fediverse but he's got a blog and might be delighted to offer persepctive from a professional's perspective if you reached out to him. He does instrumental soundtracks for games mostly but is really nice!

@eleanorkonik Thanks for sharing! I assume it is D. Lee Jackson at ?

I'll politely reach out to him to see if he has info to share. :)

@eleanorkonik Wanted to circle back to this: Mr. Jackson responded and was a huge help!

Thank you for the great contact, he is very nice.

@cj My music would not be podcast compatible, mostly, but when people want a composition, I treat it the same way I do paintings: Difficulty to create, uniqueness, and how much I actually wanted to do it + end use.

So, just using an existing song in a podcast: "Hey, give me credit, as it's already on spotify, and if you want to throw me beer money, cool." IE, like radio play.

If it's for a specific project, I'm a couple grand for album-length composition, I keep credit, customer does whatever.

@cj For individual pieces, $50-$500 a song, with a lot of different variables in play - I'm mostly geared towards atmospheric noise industrial and (go figure) folk music.

Folk music is generally cheaper if it's a standard, but also is typically just me and a guitar. If it's composing tune, words, etc. significantly more expensive. If the words and tune are client specific, the cost goes up a bit, and more so the more complex and challenging.

@gemlog Awesome! Thanks for sharing, do you know what their fediverse handles are, so if needed I can contact them?


These were on their pages:
@luka and

I thought I followed one of the powderpaints, but I guess I just wait for @snowdusk_ to boost her posts into my timeline when there's something new.

@gemlog @cj @luka @snowdusk_ dunno if our music will suit your podcast but if you want any of it instrumental give us a shout x

@powderpaint @gemlog a lot of our listeners love your music Powderpaint!! ❤️

@cj is your podcast gonna be under #CreativeCommons :cc_cc: licence? then you are free to use anything from under BY-SA conditions (attribute the music somewhere + share your podcast under same conditions)

you can optionally support me just by paying something for a download.

i can also make something custom/original just for your podcast then we can just paypal or LiberaPay (which is the same really) me or something

also Patreon.

:blobhearteyes: @gemlog


The same as for @luka applies to all of my material. I'm also willing to create something if you like my style(s).


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