Quick Poll:

1. Would you not attend, attend, or participate in an entirely digital conference, such as video calls and Livestream?

2. Would you not attend, attend, or participate in person at a physical conference, with discussions and presentations?

@cj to discuss future improvements/implementations of ActivityPub and things like that? Or just AP-related talks with new ideas, issues etc?

@cj highly interested in both. I can't get a grasp of the technical specs and i'm sure that it would be a great way to make that dream of a spec live to have gatherings, digital or IRL.


1. No. I would use instead

2. It depends on the format. One to many is a no go for me. I'd attend a retreat of one week where we all live together, think and dive into the stuff. Otherwise, I don't think I can be useful nor enjoying the trip.

@cj I would def attend and participate in any digital or non digital #ActivityPub conf!


1. Sure!

2. Would love to, but depends if nearby or if someone covers the costs

@cj 1. Probably not. I don't think I would get a chance to have my say, and don't much think my opinion would be taken on board by those making the decisions.

2. Probably not. No cash to travel. Little time.

1. Probably not attend
2. Absolutely attend

@cj 1. Time zone depended if anything useful requires being virtually present. Make it not 2. Location dependent

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