Wait, Switzerland wants to make e-voting a national standard?


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@cj But is it worse than the actual paper-voting?

@Faket Also, this kind of question misses the forest for the trees.

Democracy's fundamental power lies in the transparency and fair treatment of the masses. Everyone can readily understand the mechanisms and risks of a paper ballot. It requires no special education: hijacking in mail, someone else filling it out, making photocopies, etc.

Inject tech into the mix and all this transparency is lost save for the few privileged. It fundamentally undermines the Democratic process

@cj I understand and agree with your point but I tkink even with paper, a lot of people doesn't understand the mechanisms. With e-voting (if it is proprely done in any ways) we could get an easier system to use in both side.

@Faket Ah, then it seems our fundamental outlooks are different. That's ok, just means we agree to disagree. :)

@cj Yeah we can :D I can't realy debate in english anyways...

Hmm well to be honest it's not "transparent" even when the voting is via stamps

@buoyantair Sure, on absolute terms we can shift the goalposts as far as we want so that in absolute terms, no process is transparent.

However, in relative terms, way more people are going to understand possible attack vectors of paper ballots (in person or mailed) with no special education versus digital attack vectors (session hijacking, key exfiltration, etc) even with specialist knowledge. @Faket

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