Speaking of heavy , in my university days I was a DJ in (and later director of) the heavy metal department at the student radio station, which has a 25,000 Watt transmitter.

That was a crazy time, let me tell you.

For example: next to our university is the State's prison, including inmates on death row.

Now, if there's one thing inmates have a lot of, it is time. When they are locked up in prison and awaiting a death penalty that will never come because the State has suspended executions, then they spend a lot of time listening to the radio, at all hours of the night.

You can probably tell where this is going...

So, you have 18-21 year old running a gigantic radio transmitter and blasting sick death and black on one block, and bored inmates next door with access to time, the radio, and the postal system.

That leads to these 18-21 year old uni students receiving letters of all kinds requesting music, critiquing their selection, insulting them, threatening them, etc


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Anyway, one of the guys I talked to was really interesting to write back to. He was older and we actually had a decent back-and-forth on life and philosophy.

Make no mistake, I was on guard. Writing to death row inmates is and was not a light thing to do. Some of them will try to use that connection for not-so-legal things. But he was pretty open and it was cool to get to have what seemed like a fruitful conversation. It was really humanizing despite this fellow having killed a cop.

Unfortunately, I had to stop writing all together. 'Cause another inmate decided to send me a letter out of the blue that caused all my shit to get confiscated by the police department.

So I did what any 19 year old did and panicked and stopped writing back. Never wrote him back, but he kept writing to me.

And the lesson is: life goes on.

@policeinchains My words aren't perfect at conveying the life experiences I had. It definitely opened my eyes to the world of privilege I (still) have.

It also makes me vulnerable to my friends and close family who will snap-judge a person because that person is a felon. It's frustrating having to explain "no, these are people too" without being labelled as pro-crime.

@cj Yeah, that's cute. But original toot was just a random anti-cop jab.

@policeinchains Ah gotcha, lol. You probably heard the whoosh over my head while I was trying to figure out if I had misspoke.

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