I have a massive blog post that will drop tomorrow or the day after that presents my philosophy of , why I think some criticisms stem from a fundamental philosophical difference, analyzing some of these criticisms to find the real gems, and proposing a fantasy where communities can evolve ActivityPub with no barrier to entry with a concrete path towards achieving this idealistic goal.

It started at 8 pages long, I'm trying to trim it down now. lol

I've had to split it into 2 posts (a primary one, and a supplementary "Appendix" like post). Cuts it down to "just" 3.5 pages in a word processor.

First post is 99% of the ideas, hopefully will be out sooner. Second post will basically be "how does @cj think in action".

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@cj hi If you ever feel like it should be on the blog let me know.. we are searching for authors :) btw have you seen :rblobcatpeek:

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