I was never into Ethereum, I didn't like the contract language's design (Was it soliloquy? It leads to buggy contracts). I didn't buy into the cult-of-personality of it's founder. I then really didn't like Ethereum and the people running it when they forked to save their own money in the Dao. I don't remember if the fork is ETC or ETH, but now that ETC has had a successful 51% attack against it I am even more not-for-Ethereum. It's a great theoretical advancement but NOT practically tractable.


And I say this as someone who did spend a lot of time implementing my own VM for executing Ethereum contracts so I could automatically detect which were vulnerable to bugs. But when the time came, I didn't run it since it didn't sit ethically right with me. I wouldn't want to surprise the contract's owner by taking all the Ethereum (HMMMM sounds familiar), and nor would I have a way to contact them.

So my stance on Ethereum are coming from actual hands-on experience too.

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