I installed Conversations and I hate to admit how much of an XMPP noob I am. There goes all my tech cred.

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@cj haha it's like we're Resolution twins this year! As I type this, I'm reading how to install Prosody in another window!

@frankiesaxx I installed the Conversations app. But now I don't even know how to bridge over to IRC while still being lazy and not running my own.

@cj haha I have ZNC running... somewhere. I don't even know what server I installed it on. But I got it working with YAAIC on my phone. I had no idea Conversations did IRC too. (That's on my list of messaging apps to try.)

@frankiesaxx I had to look up Prosody and I am in deference to your sheer technical prowess of running your own xmpp server!

I just hit "install" in the google play store lol.

@cj I'm like two drinks in at this point and making random changes I don't understand to my DNS configuration.

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