When people tell me to "question everything", my mind is like:
- Meaning of life
- Existence of God
- Actual intrinsic value of money
- "If I don't believe in vaccinations I might as well not believe in Germ Theory"
- What is my morality and what is "good"
- "If the Linear No Threshold model is false then there *is* a chance I can bulk up like the Hulk"
- Who am I
- "I need to read up on Roko's Basilisk... OH NO"

Β· Web Β· 2 Β· 0 Β· 0 be clear the answer are, in order:
- Yes, I get to make it
- Unsure
- None except peer pressure
- I believe in vaccinations, but sometimes I like to fantasize about the Zombiepocalypse
- My morality is always evolving
- I will always be scrawny
- I am me, duh
- Please send help I am being repetitively tortured!

@cj But if you do not believe in vaccinations, then you also might as well not believe in modern medicine. And if you don't believe in modern medicine, then you might as well believe in God, because as demonstrated by God believing people, modern medicine is a sin.

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