Once go-fed gets off the ground I think it'd be great to revive ForgeFed and get federated code repositories back into discussion.

And yes before someone replies with the "git is already federated" blog post: that someone is missing the point, just like that article's author was when I debated with him in the ForgeFed archives. One day I'll write a strong rebuttal blog piece.

@cj I think that you're emphasising things in a way that the forgefed repo doesn't, and I bet that's what triggered Drew. If it's about federating the social aspect of repository contributions, ortogonal to what the underlying mechanism of source control does, I doubt that even he would have issues with the idea.
However I think that if forgefed wants to reimplement mechanisms that arguably the vcs does better - which is adding new iterations on top of a code repository - then it's plain wrong.

@mariusor I guess it depends on where you draw the line: GitHub pull requests and GitLab merge requests are exactly what you described as they are a layer on top of the VCS.

The email workflow in git is great for those who like that workflow. But GitHub's resounding adoption shows that in general developers vastly prefer a convenient, shiny, and functional UI layer.

I view such objections as "the Dropbox objection": no one is taking away rsync (git w/ email), just making it easier

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